October 18, 2004


This letter is to express our appreciation to Magic Vac for the service they provide that helps make our company competitive and profitable.

Magic Vac has provided Hoggan Health’s vacuum forming for eight years and their service has been some of the best we have found.  Their deliveries have been on time; their product is of the highest quality and their prices are competitive.

It is important to Hoggan Health to have vendors that can work with us and our tight schedules.  Magic Vac has gone out of their way to expedite and meet our deadlines.  Partnering with a vendor like Magic Vac has given us the competitive edge we need in this fast paced, booming industry.

Clair Oldroyd
Vice President


November 18, 2004

“Magic Vac inc. has provided us with quality products, on time, for approximately 10 years.  If there is ever a problem, it’s dealt with very promptly and with absolute professionalism.  Larry Wilkens is a genuine person and very passionate about his business. I’ve known him personally for many years and would highly recommend him to anyone who could use his services.”

Jeff R. Kemp
President / Boman Kemp Companies


November 23, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write this letter of testimony regarding our business experience with Magicvac Inc. and Larry Wilkins of Midvale, UT.

Our relationship with Magicvac began in 1999 as we started the ClearCap product line. From the beginning, Larry Wilkins has provided excellent advice and solutions. He has been a reliable supplier and produced quality molds and parts in a timely and cost efficient manner. In addition to producing our parts, Magicvac boxes and ships our entire product line around the world from their Utah location. This supply management program has been the single most important factor in our growth and success. It has allowed us to focus all our time and energy in marketing our product and growing our dealer network.

I would also like to point out that it is a pleasure to work with Larry. Throughout our relationship, Larry has been honest, reliable and at times a lot of fun. His extensive knowledge of plastics has been utilized repeatedly. He has provided exceptional advice and planning based on his many years managing businesses.

I would be happy to discuss my experience with you directly and welcome your calls or emails. Please visit our website at www.clearcap.com to view our product line.


Steve Puls
Wy’East Products, Inc.
West Linn, OR


Larry Wilkins at Magic Vac has been invaluable to our company.
In 1991, my father and I came up with a product idea called the Cloud Dome.

We needed a special dome shape made out of non-yellowing, high impact Plexiglas.  We contacted various companies regarding injection molding and vacuum forming and they were either too expensive or couldn’t meet our specifications.

We contacted Magic Vac and meet with Larry about manufacturing our product.
It was obvious in the first few minute of discussing our needs that Magic Vac was the company to work with.

Larry realized we were a start up business and we had to keep cost down; we started with a one up mold and as sales increased we went to a four up mold.  Another way he helped us reduce cost was by stocking inventory of the special Plexiglas we used for the domes.
My father and I were very impressed with Larry’s attention to every detail of the manufacturing process of the domes; he built a special routing table just for the domes.

Over the last four years the Cloud Dome has grown into a successful business selling thousands of  domes in the United State and worldwide.  Magic Vac manufacturers the most important component of the Cloud Dome; we appreciate the fast delivery and taking a personal interest in the success of our business.  We would not be were we are today without Larry and Magic Vac, he makes us feel like family.

Cindy Lichfield


Dear Larry:

For nearly a decade, Magic Vac has provided us with innovative ideas and products to not only improve the look of our trailers but help us to improve our competitive advantage.  In this highly competitive industry, both are equally important.

Larry has always provided us with first class service and quick resolution of any issue that may arise.  The level of communication he maintains allows us to be aware of anything that may be around the next corner.  Further, the products he provides are not only top quality in appearance but consistent even through high volume runs.  Another value add is his continuous diligence to not only improve the product but its efficiency too and thus allowing both companies to increase profitability.

We look forward to the many more years of prominence in the ever changing trailer market with Magic Vac as a valued partner.


Mitchell A. Alexander
Purchasing Manager
Interstate Group LLC