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Tried Goof Off, but that had no effect on any of the spots. There is a commercial product intended to prevent rust inside bicycle frames: J. P. Weigle's Frame Saver. Besides bike accidents, the greatest enemy a steel frame may face is corrosion.You needn't worry about this much if you ride an aluminum, carbon fiber, or titanium frame… How is your ti frame finished? Baum Wills (AUS) titanium touring bike – long distance touring. Frames sell for $3600, and a built-up bike with Shimano Ultegra goes for $5850. “The use of carbon steel wire brushes to remove deposits from titanium is not recommended. Yes, the bike looked like a leopard. I had a similar problem years ago with a Ti bike. Those ain't scratches, they're patina, embrace them. The frames are available in nine frame sizes with custom geometries available. Customize Your Frame. Scratches can be buffed out with a Scotch Brite pad. It's titanium, polish it out with whatever grade steel wool you like! Compatible with titanium or steel frames with round tubes in common sizes, these ingenious pieces of hardware can be integrated into a new frame at the time of construction or retrofitted to existing bikes, and allow a basic full size road or mountain bike -- including wheels and handlebars -- to fit inside a single 26"x26"x10" case that meets sizing guidelines for regular airline luggage. Montreal based manufacturer of titanium bikes that uses a proprietary, precision forming method that uses shaped seamless, Grade 9 titanium tubing into a unique frame profile claimed to have 30% more stiffness (with no weight disadvantage) versus leading titanium bikes. Login/cookie issues? Privacy Waltly has been building titanium frames using only aerospace grade seamless 3Al-2.5V tubing since 2009, fulfilling custom orders for individuals as well as large OEM orders for bike companies. Titanium has a higher ability to deform in response to road imperfections than other metals used for bike frames. I almost cried. The frame is a brushed finish titanium - if I look at the frame really closely under plenty of light, there are thousands of tiny scratches. So with nothing to loose, I started cleaning the frame with SG. To those in uniform, both present and past, who have protected my freedoms, I thank you. Perhaps you’d like a sleek track bike with the strength and shine of titanium? Those spots disappeared. Titanium, an extremely dense and solid metal, is a step up from steel in … Come join the discussion about bike parts, components, deals, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! “The excellent corrosion resistance of titanium alloys results from the formation of very stable, continuous, highly adherent, and protective oxide films on metal surfaces. Buy steel because you want a bespoke frame or favour a smooth ride quality and don’t mind a bit of extra weight. They ride good, real good. Charge Plug 5 (GBR) titanium bike – light touring. Customize your perfect titanium gravel bike around a beautiful Chiru Frame. I've had a good life so far. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. In fact, a damaged oxide film can generally reheal itself instantaneously if at least traces of oxygen or water are present in the environment. Guess what? This Hand-built in Boulder, Colorado, the Mosaic RT-2 uses a 3/2.5 straight-gauge titanium frame paired with an Enve Road 2.0 fork. High performance titanium bikes & frames. JavaScript is disabled. Customize your build today We’ll build a snappy cross-country hardtail or turn the PDXCX into a mud-slaying single speed. The Big Giveaway Final Week – What Can You Win? Personally, I don’t bother. Titanium does have a reputation for being expensive, and that’s not undeserved, but if the prospect of a titanium frame is appealing, it’s worth taking into account the complete life of a bike. Bilenky (USA) titanium touring tandem. $700. After drying the frame thoroughly with a soft towel, apply bike wax or furniture polish to achieve a shiny finish. In late winter of 2017, I was cleaning my titanium bike. It's titanium, polish it out with whatever grade steel wool you like! Yeah, I'm not worried about them - was just pointing out that it's a brushed finish. While Chiru does build carbon-fiber frames, Pierre believes that Titanium allows full rigid bikes for a more compliant ride, a more resilient behavior, life-time warranty and recyclability. Link Removal I had based the design off a Bianchi cyclocross bike I owned and liked, but I wanted a taller head tube, disc brakes, and more tire clearance. Pickup of imbedded or smeared iron particles from steel can render titanium susceptible to corrosion when the unit is placed back in service. Our frames are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. The top tube gets covered in sweat, hydration drink residue, GU drops etc. Steel wool is not normally recommended. Contact Us Burls (GBR) titanium touring frame – long distance touring. Prevention of internal rust is a good first step when reassembling a bicycle. This means that a well-designed titanium … So, any recommendations for general products that bring Ti back to original shine welcomed. Mineral spirits, which I used to clean the rest of the frame, had little effect. Mine is brushed & to get it looking like new I just use a scotchbrite pad (like the green rough side of a sponge). Road guber and minor scratches. When style and practicality on the road is desired, the Dolan Titanium ADX Disc ticks all the boxes.Be Sportive, Audax, Touring or Commuting your chosen the riding style, the Dolan Titanium ADX Disc hand built using the highest quality Ti-3Al-2.5v Titanium tubing, engineered to create a ride comfortable all day long, is guaranteed to impress. Choose from one of Sage Titanium’s tried-and-true road, ’cross or gravel designs, or request a frame tailored to your riding style. Day 29 – Oil Slick HT T1 Pedals. Gravel-race geometry, 700 x 44 or 650b x 2.1 tires, Lifetime Warranty. Newsletter Settings, Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total), Premier Partners for Singletrack issues & exclusive subscriber perks, Metcheck MTB Weather Forecasts At A Glance, Singletrack Cycle Of Good Inner Tube Belt,,, Christmas Countpast! Premier Club There was some gunk that citrus and even acetone wouldn't touch. Among the most popular bicycle frame materials as of 2013 is 4130 chrome-moly steel, but its dominance in the marketplace has not stifled innovation in other alloys. Forum Rules There was also a brand called RNC that made Titanium cranks, pegs, bars and more that eventually went out of business as the price of this type of metal skyrocketed. Giant Bowery Aluminum Road Bike SS Small Frame $200 (NE) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Read more: 15 of the best steel road bikes and frames. It turned out to be dried energy drink and water did the trick. Creating a mountain bike frame from titanium is extremely difficult, the entire process from sourcing the material, molding, welding and finishing is more expensive. the finish on the eriksens is bead blast, kinda matt finish not polished. Our company has been making titanium frames and components and parts for the past eight years and uses highly skilled, well paid workers, in addition to using the latest manufacturing technologies. The topic ‘Cleaning Titanium Frame’ is closed to new replies. See Table 1 for a more complete listing of recommended cleaning media, and proper inhibitor additions. We make titanium bicycle frame by certified aerospace Grade Ti3AL2.5V 100% seamless tubes(3% Aluminium,2.5% Vanadium,94.5%Titanium). Unfortunately, this product is not available in Oz. For a less abrasive alternative to the options mentioned above, you could also try a Mr Clean Magic Eraser. �All titanium finishes should be cleaned first with a mixture of mild soap and water to remove accumulated dirt and grit. We ask for your understanding as you may experience delivery delays. A forum community dedicated to Road Bike owners and enthusiasts. I'm cleaning a Ti frame and noticed a couple of discolored spots that almost look like rust, but I'm guessing it's not? You can either buy a spray meant exclusively to clean … 1-800-727-2453. Today, we continue to push the envelope in titanium road bike creativity, with bikes … Get the best deals on Titanium Bike Frames when you shop the largest online selection at For a less abrasive alternative to the options mentioned above, you could also try a Mr Clean Magic Eraser. We're Into What You're Into ~ SKI * BIKE * SNOWBOARD * RUN Mon - Fri: 10:00am - 7:00pm Sat: 10:00am - 6:00pm Sun: 12:00pm - 5:00pm. We built our venerable name on the backs of Tour stage victories and criterium wins., My everyday use Ti bikes back in from 1997-2004 got a yearly scotch bright with citrus cleaning and new decals as needed. Christmas Countdown Day 28 – TSG helmet and wet weather gear! It’s going on 17 years old & has bit of a patina. is the scotch brite pad treated with anything? Carver All-Road (USA) titanium frame – light touring. SAGE TITANIUM Cleaning Titanium Frames Cleaning your natural brush finish frame is a lot like counting grains of sand on the beach. Everything you read that I post is just '1' guy's opinion, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Taking care of your titanium bicycle frame – Reilly Cycleworks Litespeed Road is our legacy—but in the hands of the industry’s most creative craftsmen, road is now… and the future. Hey everybody, ride my wheels! After the frame has been cleaned, a small amount of furniture polish rubbed on the surface will recover The beauty of maintaining a titanium frame is that it really doesn’t require much work! However, anhydrous conditions in the absence of a source of oxygen may result in titanium corrosion, because the protective film may not be regenerated if damaged.”, This topic has 10 replies, 9 voices, and was last updated. Because titanium metal is highly reactive and has an extremely high affinity for oxygen, these beneficial surface oxide films form spontaneously and instantly when fresh metal surfaces are exposed to air and/or moisture. Contact Us In addition to this, you can try Goo Gone or Goof Off. Years ago, Eastern Bikes offered a Titanium Grim Reaper frame that retailed for over $1,000 and Terrible One dabbled with a Titanium Barcode frame before that. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Stainless steel or titanium wire brushes and pipe are preferred.”, [video][/video]. Any thoughts on what this is and how to get rid of it? There are many tips on the web – most common seems to be use Lemon Pledge! Titanium. Old Raleigh three-speed frames with the dull, black finish had baked enamel inside and out, but few modern frames have internal protection against rust. “The use of carbon steel wire brushes to remove deposits from titanium is not recommended. I’ve used baby oil wipes with soem effect but doesnt really remove stains. Titanium is a highly desirable material due to its fabled ride quality, supple and bump-absorbing. favorite this post Dec 24 DV Snow bike $700 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Looked new for at least one season afterwards. I then noticed a lot of tinny 'bright spots' on my ti frame surface. If it were me, I'd skip the abrasive pad options and first try Goo Gone or Goof Off with a soft cloth. Nitric acid is an excellent passivating agent for titanium and may be used alone or with hydrochloric acid to clean titanium surfaces. Steel Vs. Titanium Bike Frames. Menu Yes, I would think that using a different method to polish out scratches would be very noticeable afterwards, either shinier or duller than the rest of the frame. Spraying Titanium Buy a titanium cleaner. Classifieds Rules Polish it out with a dremel tool, some lapping compound, and a stainless wire brush. I tried to get rid those spots with Pedro frame polish w/o result. Titanium mountain bike frames are at the high-end of the market and can be very expensive, but a lot of the manufacturers now offer financing. Ordering a custom frame. Fingerprints can be an unsightly nuisance since the acids in fingerprint oils tarnish your frame’s finish. When it comes to getting the job done in a reasonable time there are some tips that might help. Boskey Cycles (CHN) titanium touring bike – long distance touring. Any of the abrasive pads, including Mr. Clean Magic Eraser might (will) alter the titanium … Voted best “All-Around Bike of the Year” by ROAD Magazine. In fact, the whole frame became so clean and bright. Lynskey Performance Best Rated Titanium Bikes and Frames: Now Offering Zero Interest Financing, 30-day No Hassle Return Policy, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Hand-Built in … Scotchbrite can be used but not too often. Titanium alloy can't rust, it doesn't have any iron in it. It was the first bike I had designed for myself, and I loved riding it. It's always frustrating and it seems to never end. We recommend using mild soap and warm water to clean your Seven titanium frame a few times each season. I tried scraping these spots with a plastic dental pick, and that removed very little of this.

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