Do you have a showroom for your products?

At Magic Vac, our factory is our showroom.  You are welcome to come and watch as we produce various products for our customers.  We will gladly explain our capabilities.

 What types of materials do you form?

At Magic Vac, we specialize in ABS and Polycarbonate (Lexan).  However, we also produce products with Acrylic, Styrene, and TPO.

 Do you have the ability to supply my needs?

Magic Vac specializes in high volume products.  Many of our customers are number one in the nation in their respective field.

 I have a great idea. Where do I go from here?

Some of our best jobs started with someone who walked in the door with an idea.  Feel free to “pick our brain”.  We”ll give you advice and ideas.  If your job isn”t something we can do, we”ll help you find someone who can help you.

 How much of my job can you do?

The amount of work we do for you is up to you.  Some of our customers have us form their product, but they do everything else.  Other cusomers have us do it all, including fabricating, packaging and shipping.  It”s up to you.

 You sound like a good company, but I live in another state.

Many of our best customers are thousands of miles from us.  We have discount freight rates from several of the largest carriers.